Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Lloyd

Ian and Manda Lloyd's first dance as newly-weds
I was honoured to be invited to celebrate the nuptials of Ian Lloyd and Manda Chan, and as I set out for Swindon with shaved chin and a tie round my neck, Nongyow cryptically said “every English guy should marry a South-East Asian girl”.

Now, Lloyd’s a nice-looking lad – and he scrubbed up well – but Manda looked absolutely stunning and he is indeed a lucky bugger. It was a good bash, too – lots of gorgeous bridesmaids, nice grub with some Asian dishes (wonton and satay; I’m not still on about Manda’s cousins) and good contingent of geeks: Chris McEvoy, Simon Willison, Tim Parkin, Drew McLellan and Rachel Andrew.

Congratulations to the Lloyds. May all your troubles be little ones (tee hee).

ps: To the Ibis Hotel in Swindon: it is criminal to try to charge £5 for a sachet of Nescafé, a bowl of tinned grapefruit segments and a croissant. And not having proper coffee at breakfast is barbarism.

pps: Word to Swindon council: your town has way too many dual carriageways and roundabouts. It even confused my new SatNav. If I were you, I’d do an insurance job: torch the place, collect the insurance money and build a new town. Bung me a few bob, and I’ll do it for you.

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