Four Things

I don’t usually do these meme things (cos they’re just geekspeak for “Chain Letter” to show that we’re not the AOL hoi-palloi), but John Oxton tagged me and he’s a big scary bastard.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

Four movies I can watch over and over

Four places I have lived

Four TV shows I love to watch

Four places I have been on holiday

Four of my favourite dishes

Four websites I visit daily

Four places I would rather be right now

Four bloggers I am tagging

Three web standards women, and an old friend I visited for new year who’s got nothing to do with web standards at all (and yet is a good person all the same):

5 Responses to “ Four Things ”

Comment by goodwitch

that was so much more entertaining than eating lunch! now what is this silly comment you made about a boring post that has been interrupted. don’t you think standards are incredibly sexy? nothin’ like a semantically marked up standards based site to get my motor runnin’!

Comment by Kim

Hey Bruce~

I just happened upon your site after visiting Doing What Works, who links to me; I love the Ransom Letter look of your blog! Very fun 🙂

Comment by Paul

My Four jobs were:-
Soldier in the Royal Engineers
Night Club doorman [ owner too ]
Yacht Skipper
and guess what???
I too played in The Bubon Bar, Fethiye 1991/92

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