Lust list

I was looking at my end-of-year web stats, and have removed my “Links” page as no-one ever looked at it, but reproduce its controversial Lust List™ for posterity.

Lust List™

As you know, I’m a happily married chap, but in response to the literally zero mails I receive asking what kind of woman I find pretty, here’s my current Lust List™:

Top 10 searches that found this website

Turns out that a lot of people, when bored at work, type “bum” into Google

  1. bum
  2. personal site
  3. computers internet blog
  4. bruce
  5. bruce lawson
  6. friday jokes
  7. vasectomy
  8. accessibility
  9. thailand
  10. stiff little fingers

The most-read posts in 2007

Good mix of professional and personal. And the bum and willy pictures (NSFW).

  1. Future-proof your CSS with Conditional Comments
  2. HTML 5, microformats and testing accessibility
  3. CSS Zen Garden submission: “Geocities 1996″
  4. Jan’s bum
  5. Spam letters
  6. Forms: inputting country names
  7. Stupid government websites
  8. Photo gallery
  9. Odd Jobs: Bollywood movie extra (in which lots of people who can’t be bothered to read ask me to help them get jobs in Bollywood)
  10. My big Friday night (NSFW)

4 Responses to “ Lust list ”

Comment by E.T.Cook

Kudos to you for having a distinct taste in women. I can’t say that I agree with your list, but I commend you for not having an oh so standard, cookie cutter aesthetic.