Accessibility and mobile standards; Veerle Pieters interview

Because I’m just TOO DAMN SEXY for just my own site, I’ve been leaving little deposits on other sites, too.

It may be of interest to you that WCAG 2 and mobileOK Basic Tests specs are proposed W3C recommendations.

On a less techy note, I interviewed Veerle Pieters and she basically told me there’s no hope for me as a designer. That’s another illusion shattered then.

And, because it’s not all me me me, Richard Rutter pointed out the minutes of a 23 October W3C meeting where Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Nokia and others discuss proper Web Fonts (not DRM-ridden proprietary stuff). We need this to happen on the Web.

Any Turkish speakers in the house? I’m very rusty, and a comment about my song “Closing My Eyes” reads “‘Closing My Eyes’ dinliyorum….çok çok güzel… ve beni çok eskilere götürdü.. seninle duygularımı paylaşmak istedim… iyi geceler…..”. A random machine translation says “I listen. It really really to beauty . . . and moles numerous veterans took . . .. . I wanted . . . to share the feelings of a year Good nights. . . . “.

The “moles numerous veterans took” part is slightly baffling.

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Comment by Bruce

The charming Yeliz Yesilada helped out. The Turkish comment is “I listened to ‘Closing My Eyes’. It’s very very beautiful. It took me back to the past. I just wanted to share these feelings with you. Good night.”

Thanks Yeliz!

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