Meet NEWT: New Exciting Web Technologies

As professionals, we need to keep our jargon accurate. That’s why I hate hearing “HTML5” used as an umbrella term for any web technology, especially when people confuse HTML5 (mark-up and APIs) with CSS 3 (eye-candy). Repeat after me: HTML5 != CSS 3.

So we need a buzzword, as “HTML5 and related technologies” is unwieldy (and inaccurate). I prefer “NEWT” which stands for New Exciting Web Technologies and can thus safely encompass real-HTML5, CSS 3, SVG, XHR2, Geolocation, Web Sockets, WOFF, Web DB, IndexedDB, WebGL and the like.

Because new acronyms need a logo, the talented and generous Rob Winters made a cute newt.

various sizes of cute newt on Flickr

(Other sizes, Transparent-background version.)

Please, use the logo and term in your presentations, and wave goodbye to misery of I.B.E. (Inaccurate Buzzword Embarrassment)!

(Be nice if you attributed Rob, and even me, but no compulsion.)

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Comment by Chris Meunier

Hi Bruce
Loved the cute newt and interested by the chat here about new technologies and the misuse of acronyms.

I want to use the cute newt on a local school-church community magazine (free give-away) we are starting. We chose the name NEWT because we wanted something different and the area is called Newtown. But finding your acronym idea adds another dimension of what we’re trying to do – open ourselves to the present and future world. So I’m very happy to attribute the source.

You said about Creative Commons it’s polite to ask, so I’d be grateful if you could confirm you are happy for this use.

I’m sure the primary school kids will love it. Perhaps it will make some of them think about web technologies as a career??

Thanks, Chris

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