about Bruce

I made the site as I wanted to distribute my songs, and the photos and stories from the years I lived in Turkey, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Russia.

I’m a married, 40-something year old guy, living in Birmingham U.K. I’ve a first-class degree in English literature, a career in education and setting up the computer book publishing house "glasshaus" behind me. I’m a member of the Web Standards Project‘s Accessibility Task Force . That doesn’t mean I’m a guru or great theoretician or designer, just that I’m a jobbing web developer with a firm belief that the web is a revolutionary communication mechanism and should be available to all.

Since June 2008, I’ve been working for Opera, evangelising open web standards as part of their Developer Relations team. However, this site is a personal site and opinions expressed are my own and don’t represent my employers.. It is therefore © Bruce Lawson.

I love people, socialising, art and literature and have vaguely liberal/ lefty politics.

Here’s some unfascinating facts about me:

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