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  • Once again, discussion of installable/ packaged web app thingies. Major points:
    • Mozilla doesn’t want to reuse the W3C Widget spec because they want hosted, not installable apps. And the name “widget” is rubbish.
    • Hosted web apps are .. er .. web sites. But wrapped up, with a manifest, they can be monetized in a synergy of micropayment leverage.
    • “Installing” packaged apps can give them greater permissions than web sites. Hixie responded

      The “installation” security model of asking the user up-front to grant trust just doesn’t work because users don’t understand the question, and the “installation” security model of curating apps and trying to determine by empirical examination whether an application is trustworthy or not just doesn’t scale.

  • Two New Proposals to Solve the CSS3 Vendor Prefix Crisis
  • Last week I linked to an article that claimed adherence to WCAG didn’t magically solve all blind users’ problems. Here’s a rebuttal Methodological flaws put question mark on study of the impact of WCAG on user problems. It seems to me obvious that, while WCAG is very useful, it doesn’t replace brain, or testing.

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Web Standards Song

“Like A Rounded Corner”, by Bruce and The Standardettes

The Web Standards Hoedown

For afficiandos of songs about Web Standards, it’s like Hendrix, Presley, Lennon, Moon and Strummer meeting up and videoing a jam session (before they died).

Yes: the Opera Developer Relations Team annual meet-up was an opportunity for Andreas Bovens (banjo), Daniel Davis (ukular missile), Chris Mills (vocals, desk-drumming) and me (guitar) to play together.

I decided to write a hoedown, as our new American team members were feeling very homesick in Europe.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is our Web Standards Hoedown. It’s a muscial version of HTML5, hollow demos and forgetting the basics. Yee har!


All this HTML5
makes me feel like I’m alive
I can’t wait to use it, me oh my!
I find it so upliftin’
that with <canvas> and some scriptin’
I can build myself a whole UI.


Hold your horses, friend
It’s just a means it’s not an end
you can just use HTML and SVG!
Use the shiny things now
But you gotta learn just how
to use them semantically.


Who gives a damn who I’m frustratin’?
Look – my webpage is rotatin’!
If you can’t use it, I don’t care.
Your browser’s blocked, quite rightly
if you don’t use this nightly
With this API I use just cause it’s there.


Sonny, I’ll give you the low-down
At this Web Standards hoedown:
Leave those guys and come and dance with me.
Let the specheads go square-dancin’!
We’ll be progressively enhancin’:
using standards semantically.

We’ll use the standards semantically.

Video by Patrick H Lauke, squeals from Divya Manian, impassive French man by Karl Dubost.

Got myself a cowpath-pavin’ Open-web savin’ Living Standard

To commemorate the fact that HTML5 has been renamed HTML (at least by the WHATWG, but not by the W3C) and “the WHATWG HTML spec can now be considered a ‘living standard'”, it seemed only right to unleash The Axe Of Glory™ (my acoustic guitar) for another song.

Serious bit: the lyrics are just a bit of fun. I don’t really believe that if you dislike this change you’re inferior or that concensus-denyin’ is always a good spec development model. This is mostly to give me a video to test the new service, that converts and hosts the video for HTML5 browsers with a Flash fallback. (It does a good job, but oddly serves Ogg video to Opera 11 rather than webM and its HTML email to tell you that conversion is complete is badly broken.)

So, with that said and with apologies to Sir Clifford of Richard and Lionel Bart, here is my new song, “Living Standard”.

Sing along.

If the video isn’t working, watch it on YouTube.

Got myself an always-evolving, problem-solving Living Standard
much better than Five, cos it’s alive, my Living Standard.
Superior persons don’t need a version, so Hixie canned it!
Got myself a cowpath-pavin’ Open-web savin’ Living Standard.

Take a look at the spec, it’s vast.
If you don’t believe what it says, you’re so past.
Gonna love that spec, so no proprietary tech
can steal the Web from me.

Got myself a never-completin’, concensus-defeatin’ Living Standard
much better than Five, cos it’s alive, my Living Standard.
Superior persons don’t need a version, so Hixie canned it!
Got myself a error-correctin’ numeral-rejectin’ living standard.

HTML5 it is a-changin’

Molly wrote

Inspired by Shelley Powers who quipped “HTML5, it is a changing” on Twitter, I in turn said I was gonna write a Dylanesque song about HTML5. Of course, between that time and the time I got to the next available WiFi point, Jeff Allen wrote the song.

Opera’s Man in Japan, Daniel Davis, gave us a touching rendition on his ukelele:

In homage to the man known as “Ukelele-San” from Sapporo to Nagasaki, as well as to Molly, Shelley, Jeff, Hixie and His Bobness, I offer my rendition: