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I’d never used Twitter before I started working from home, but increasingly have used it as a widely distributed group of people that you would chat with round the photocopier, if you work in an office.

Whereas before I’d chat to colleagues about the weekend, the weather, a film I saw, a joke I heard or something silly on the web, I now post it to Twitter. Before, I would have shouted at IE 6 and John or Nedjma would point out where I was guillotining my three pixel drop float bug. Now, I howl on Twitter and some nice person has a look. (When I left commercial web development last June, I severed all links with IE 6 by buying a Vista computer, thereby swapping one curate’s egg for another.)

Last week when I began recoding this site into HTML 5, something magical and twitter-tastic happened. People I’ve never met took the time to send me screenshots, suggest bug fixes, or simply messaged me to say they were enjoying my updates.

It might be a timesink and 97% banalities (most generated by me) but I now officially love Twitter and those who subscribe to my banalities. If I ever meet you, I’ll buy you a drink or sleep with you. (I get to decide which.)

5 Responses to “ Twitter-tastic! ”

Comment by Robin

I started Twittering recently as well and find that I use it for almost exactly the same stuff you do. I’ll have to add you so that I can ask for accessibility help occasionally!

Comment by Gary

Yeah… It’ll be the drink for me too Bruce… unless of course it’s many drinks, then we’ll probably sleep together too.. 😉

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