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Proud to be British; voted ‘Remain’

There’s been lots of weird nationalist stuff circulating around the media about “Proud to be British. Vote Leave”, as if wanting to remain in Europe is somehow unpatriotic.

So I’ll clearly say: I’m proud to be British, and thus sent in my postal vote to Remain. I don’t want the economic turmoil that an exit would cause, especially as we’re teetering on the edge of another recession. I’d probably be OK, but I fear for the livelihoods of friends of mine.

Sure, the stockbrokers and millionaires and directors who are leading the exit campaign tell you that it’s all about sovereignty and “controlling our borders” (whatever either of those mean). But really, they want to abolish the workers protection that we get from EU. They’d like us to leave European Court of Human Rights (which was the only way the ordinary families in Liverpool got any justice for Hillsborough).

Sure, the Brexit leaders tell you that “not paying the EU levy would free up resources to put into the NHS”, but many of them have had years in Parliament, quietly demolishing the NHS instead of protecting it.

They want to leave the EU so they can be more aggressively right-wing, make workers’ lives harder instead of better, and use the economic problems that would inevitably ensue as an excuse to implement even more ideologically-driven “austerity”.

I don’t want that; I love my country. So I voted ‘Remain’.

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Comment by Charlie

Me, too! But I am deeply saddened by how effective the anti-immigration rhetoric seems to be even among people I know. Sad also to see that Corbyn is proving even more ineffectual than predicted, seeming to prize ideological sanctity over actual policy.

Given that most of Britain’s immigration is driven by work opportunities (nearly all EU immigrants are working) it’s hard to see net immigration declining even in the event of the UK deciding to leave the EU. Either that or there will simply be less: less fruit & veg because nobody’s working the farms, less healthcare because the chronic (over 50 years now) shortage of doctors and nurses will struggle to find new supply. Might be different for the private sector that the Tories seem desperate to replace the NHS with.

I guess that there is fear among the lower paid that they are been forced to compete unfairly with EU immigrants for minimum wage and zero hour contracts. It doesn’t matter is this demonstrably false as it can be felt to be true.

I think Bojo and the rest are hoping to use the referendum as a gambit for access to the single market without having to keep any tiresome workers’ rights.

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