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Accessible data tables

I’ve been working on a client project and one of the tasks was remediating some data tables. As I began researching the subject, it became obvious that most of the practical, tested advice comes from my old mates Steve Faulkner and Adrian Roselli.

I’ve collated them here so they’re in one place when I need to do this again, and in case you’re doing similar. But all the glory belongs with them. Buy them a beer when you next see them.

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This week, my friend Vadim Makeev and I released the first episide of our podcast, The F-word, which discusses Front-end, browsers and standards. The web site is built on Eleventy, hosted on Github so anyone can contribute and has a 100% Lighthouse score. The pilot episode is 38 minutes long—why not have a listen!!

  • Inclusive Inputs – An exploration into how to make inputs more accessible.
  • Beginner’s Guide to Eleventy by Tatiana Mac
  • The WebAIM Million, updated – “Home pages with WCAG failures up to 98.1% (from 97.8% last year). Page complexity increased 10.4% in that time. Home pages with ARIA present averaged 60% more errors than those without.
  • Good Email Code – templates for HTML emails “making sure it is semantic, functional, accessible and meeting user expectations. Consistency between email clients and pixel perfect design are also important but always secondary.”
  • Web Animations in Safari 13.1
  • Updates to form controls and focus – Nice changes to forms aesthetics, focus and a11y in Chromium
  • Accessible SVGs – an oldie but gold article
  • Helping Seniors During the Covid-19 Crisis – How my chums at @wixeng partnered with local authorities to build a volunteer call center app to help vulnerable populations during the current crisis, in one week. “we would be happy to translate it to other languages, adjust it to other government regulations, and assist in implementing it, if requested.”
  • Webcam Hacking – “a technical walkthrough of how I discovered several zero-day bugs in Safari during my hunt to hack the iOS/MacOS camera. This project resulted in me gaining unauthorized access to Front & Rear Cameras, Mic, Plaintext Passwords & More”
  • – “Overly descriptive color palettes.”

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