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Apple loses on Appeal, CMA can restart investigation into browsers – Open Web Advocacy. An Interactive Guide to CSS Grid This article is excellent, in my opinion. It explained a lot of things that I half-knew and helped me get a mental model of what’s happening. (Your learning style might be different, of course, but […]

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Link of the Week: Navigation API: Accessibility technology announcements – a great discussion of accessibility features in the new Navigation API (that replaces the History API). This should ameliorate many of the woes that Single Page Apps cause screen reader users. Also, a great place to start if you don’t know why SPAs can be […]

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Link o’the Week: Enhance Music — “a music library and audio player app built with HTML and CSS, and progressively enhanced with a couple pinches of JavaScript. Despite being built as a traditional multipage website, Enhance Music features an audio player that persists across page loads, and some gorgeous interactive UI built entirely with web […]

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Government Design Principles “The UK government’s design principles and examples of how they’ve been used.” There’s some great stuff in here. Getting started with View Transitions on multi-page apps “The best part about MPA View Transitions, is that under the hood it’s just normal “dumb” page loads and we’re progressively enhancing our way into smart, […]

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View Transitions API, snarling cats, a new era at Shopify, and cake jokes – The 18th (!) episode of The F-word podcast sees Vadim and me ruthlessly interrogating Jank Architect Vivaldi, Mozilla raise alarms over Google’s proposed ‘DRM for the Web’ – “What happens if Gmail decides only Chrome users can access it?” Progressively Enhanced […]

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Here’s what I’ve been reading that you might find interesting. How to document the screen reader user experience – BBC Apple owes Brit iOS app devs millions from excessively high commission says a proposed class action filed with the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal on behalf of 1,566 app developers in the UK Apple can delay […]

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New Recommendations for Ecommerce Images – Jason Grigsby Subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines in HTML – the Definitive Answer from the John Wick of semantic markup, Steve Faulkner The New CSS – by Mathias Ott Mobile Testing – “an amalgamation of accepted mobile site accessibility testing standards from around the world Fit-to-Width Text – […]

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FCC Requires Video Conferencing Accessibility & Proposes ASL Support – yay. A Heart-felt Apology and a Chance to Start Again from AccessiBe, overlay maker. Hurray! Meanwhile, AudioEye Is Suing Me – totally definitely NOT an overlay maker, AudioEye, is suing Adrian Roselli. Boooo. Overlays – Web Accessibility for Business Owners Dan Payne has a soothing […]

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The Fugu project: priorities, Mozilla and Apple, support realms, Web vs native, and future plans – Vadim and I interrogate Thomas Steiner on Te F-word Scoped CSS is back (in Chromium, behind a flag). Great news for ending CSS-in-JS abominations. Add the WAI-ARIA Usage bookmarklet to evaluate document conformance requirements for use of ARIA attributes […]

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Some interesting stuff I’ve been reading lately. Don’t forget, I’m available for part-time accessibility / web standards consultancy to help any organisation that isn’t making the world worse (and better rates for orgs that are actively trying to make the world better). Safari releases are development hell – “We make the browser-based game creation app […]